Offline Marketing

Offline is not dead! Some of the most effective and consistent forms of marketing and communications is achieved through traditional mediums. From collateral design to events management, offline marketing is far from outdated.

Offline Marketing Services

We understand at REM that the smallest details can often slip away from small businesses, as there are often bigger fish to fry. We can walk you through the process of design your brand and creating a clear image to position yourselves. Whether it be just the planning stages, or from introduction to completion, we are able to advise the most suitable course of action to create your ideal brand.

Once a business decides the position it wants to take in the market, that image has to be reflected throughout their business. From logo design, to website construction. Throughout documentation and content. If any of these aspects come across as daunting or simply too time consuming, REM can step in and ease the pressure by lending a helping hand.

Whether you need a quick and simple flyer or a more indepth product brochure, we are able to assit in the creation of a beautiful piece of work. With a range of services including the deisgn of:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Promotional products
  • and Custom works

Your choice of words can be a huge factor in people’s perception of your brand. An eloquently string of words can entice and captivate your audience. Though, one wrong word, and everything changes.
Helping companies find their voice and position themselves across these types of mediums is a highly utilized service at REM. Let us create content for your business.

It is amazing what a little tweaking can do. With specialized software to edit and Photoshop photos, REM is able to produce beautiful and outstanding images for a variety of purposes. Implementing these images into promotional materials and website collateral to utilize them to their full potential.

Not everything happens online! There are still many reasons to engage with potential customers via face-to-face channels. Events can be a fun and exciting way to promote a business and can be done in reasonably cost-effective manners.
Dependent on budgets and business situations, there are many types of events that can held for a variety of reasons; functions, informational events, promotional events, customer engagement, and so on.