Online Marketing

The world of online marketing is bold and overtly ostentatious. With opportunities that bloom like the most gorgeous flower. The world is quite literally in the palm of your hand.

Online Marketing Services

Designing a website can be an incredibly overwhelming task. Most business owners aren’t sure of where to begin, or aware of all the components that are required for a functional website. Let alone an attractive one.
The development stage of website creation involves a reasonable amount of “techy” lingo and understanding. This is knowledge we poses at REM through multiple courses and on-the-job learning. After all, no two websites are the same.
We are able to register sites and establish domains with hosting servers, and beautiful craft a website from in the inside out.

SEO may not mean much to a lot of people but in our industry it is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimisation”. This is a tool that allows a business’s website to rank higher in search engines. It involves a lot of back-end tweaking of websites and establishing a stronger presence online. This service is easily attainable in conjunction with our website designing services.

When promoting on search engines, there is nothing better than Google. Google AdWords campaigns are among some of the most effective online promotion tools. We are able to advise and construct AdWords campaigns for our customers. Utilising the online tools to achieve the best results by drilling down and targeting the ads in the most effective way.

In the modern world we live in, to not be on social media and running campaigns via these channels, is a huge detriment to any business.
Launching campaigns online allows potential customers to be introduced to your brand and make contact with your online profile. Targeted campaigns will allow the most niche of companies find new opportunities.

An “old-school” but successful tactic to reach a vast amount of potential customers and display your offering; is via email marketing. This tactic allows you to briefly introduce your brand to a select pool of people who can be defined as your target market.
In addition promotional campaigns, engagement campaigns, such as monthly or quarterly email newsletters can be set up. This encourages customers to engage with your brand and provide the opportunity to up-sell.