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Small Business Marketing Perth

Our Passion. Our Business. Our Challenge.

Our Mission
To open marketing opportunities up to micro and small businesses.



REM Marketing Group began as a sheepish little idea in the mind of an over ambitious marketer. Established in 2016, Maddison Royce, opened the doors of REM to the micro and small businesses of Perth, Western Australia. With the desire to help small business achieve their goals and business plans.

After working in roles that didn’t quite quench her thirst, and helping a family friend’s business rebrand and reposition themselves online, Maddison decided the only course of action would be to open her own business.

Admittedly lacking in certain experiences that the more extensive agency have acquired over time, REM has far more to offer to small businesses. Understanding the specific and demanding needs of small businesses is our significant point of difference. Our marketing services are centred around the basic communications model. Focusing on providing our clients with the most beneficial and straight forward service is essential to our process.